Seal~Mar is truly the story of a company that was created by need, rather than by design.  When most clients look for high end security and investigative solutions, they search for individuals who have a strong military or law enforcement background.  Founders Tommie Turner and Kevin Gors both came from Vietnam era military special operations to the Oakland Police Department in California.  When it became known that Tommie and Kevin were retiring from the Oakland Police Department, high profile individuals and corporations (familiar with their military and law enforcement experience and expertise) began contacting them to retain their services.  Seal~Mar was created to fill those needs.   As Seal~Mar grew, Tommie and Kevin created a training division to ensure Seal~Mar's employees received the training necessary to function effectively in the new environments they were operating in.  As word of Seal~Mar's quality training spread, requests were received from military and law enforcement organizations for some of the unique training opportunities Seal~Mar provided leading to the creation of Seal~Mar's training division.  By 1995, just 7 short years after its founding, Seal~Mar had security, investigative and training clients worldwide with offices in both California and Florida.   As Seal~Mar's clients and their associated problems became extremely diverse, Seal~Mar's reputation for solving a wide variety of problems grew as well.  Seal~Mar began to be known as a Tier 1 problem solving company efficiently providing solutions to complex problems such as multi-billion dollar divorces, international theft of trade secrets, due diligence on developing technologies, physical and electronic penetration testing, intelligence gathering operations in denied environments and creating instructional courses relating to counter- terrorism and other law enforcement and military needs.   Seal~Mar has existed for over 35 years with only one purpose in mind, to be the solution provider for their clients' needs, regardless of what that problem may be.     ABOUT TRAINING INVESTIGATIONS SECURITY AND PROTECTION CONTACT