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When most clients look for high-end security or investigative solutions, they search for individuals who have a strong military or law-enforcement background. Founders Tommie Turner and Kevin Gors both came from Vietnam era military special operations to the Oakland Police Department in California. When it became known that Tommie and Kevin where retiring from the Oakland Police Department, high profile individuals and corporations familiar with their military and law enforcement experience and expertise, began contacting them to retain their services and Seal~Mar was born.

Seal~Mar's training division started as a way to train Seal~Mar employees. But as word of the quality of the training spread, Seal~Mar received requests from military and law enforcement organizations. Tommie and Kevin created a world-class training division which by 1995, had offices in California and Florida and was training clients worldwide.

As Seal~Mar's clients became more diverse, its reputation for solving a wide variety of challenges grew as well. Seal~Mar began to be known as a Tier One problem-solving company that could be trusted to efficiently provide complete solutions complex problems. Our range of services and effectiveness of delivery remain unrivaled today and include:

  • Investigation of theft of international trade secrets

  • Due diligence for emerging and developing technology

  • Physical and cyber penetration testing

  • Intelligence gathering in denied environments

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