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Seal~Mar has been providing trusted, verifiable security services domestically and internationally since 1988.  Services include uniformed security for corporate clients and special events, high level executive protection, physical and cyber penetration testing, and itinerary threat analysis.  Whatever your security needs are, you'll enjoy peace of mind by trusting Seal~Mar.

Event Security
Itenerary Threat

Seal~Mar provides complete security packages for individuals and businesses hosting special events. No matter the size of the event, Seal~Mar has the expertise and personnel to see your event through to a successful conclusion.


Seal~Mar provides extensive threat analysis specific to your itinerary. While State Department travel advisories may be helpful, our itinerary threat analysis comprehensively calculates potential risk while traveling during specific dates and at specific locations. In addition, Seal~Mar provides timely updates as necessry during the entirety of your trip

Personal Protection

Providing decades of trusted, reliable, personal protection services for celebrities, dignitaries, politicians and corporate executives since 1988.

Vulnerability Exposure, Real-Time Intrusion and Terrorist Attack Scenario

Seal~Mar's VERITAS service is a preemptive security evaluation system which uncovers weaknesses in existing physical and technological security systems. After an expert evaluation, a plan to probe in-place security measures is developed, implemented and carried out by SMART, our specially trained Seal~Mar Audit Response Team.

The VERITAS service is a definitive security precaution for businesses, individuals, organizations, governments, and their insurance interests.

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