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Thorough, dependable and detailed, Seal~Mar is a trusted Tier 1 provider for investigative services for corporations, law firms, governments and high profile individuals worldwide.  All of Seal~Mar's investigators have more than 20 years of general investigative experience as well as unique individual skills such as computer forensics, electronic countersurveillance, forensic accounting, and complex litigation to name a few.  Those skills, combined with Seal~Mar's proprietary investigative database, provides the widest possible investigative solutions for our clients.  When the stakes are high and you need answers you can trust, Seal~Mar delivers.

Divorce Management
Technology Based

For busy individuals in sensitive or high profile positions, the difficult dynamics of a divorce are often intensified. Seal~Mar has been easing clients through these transitions for over 20 years by effectively managing all aspects of the process and providing expedited, viable solutions. Our clients benefit from our 24 hour availability, our broad experience, our unparalleled resources and our deep relationships with an extensive network of professionals in various fields.


Seal~Mar is the name you can trust for all areas of civil and criminal investigation including witness ID, interviews, crime scene and accident reconstruction, case review and case evaluation. In addition, Seal~Mar conducts pre-matrimonial personal history verification, and business history authentication for business acquisition, mergers and investments.


Seal~Mar has the ability to covertly gather information about any person or entity worldwide using both our proprietary technology and other advanced technologies. We are able to offer something no other investigative firm dares to offer: a 100% moneyback guarantee if we cannot locate information about your subject

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