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Professional success is not an accident. It is the result of successful training programs which allow individuals to perform at the highest capabilities.


For over 40 years, Tommie and Kevin have trained been trained by the best in the world. The lessons learned from those experiences have allowed them to create and provide training across a multitude of disciplines. 

Tommie and Kevin were selected to co-author the baton training manual for the State of California and have lectured and contributed to the continuing education programs for the Florida and Connecticut Bar Associations. They have lectured and provided instructional services to numerous professionals, governmental and private organizations nationally and internationally. 

The video training program is ideal for those who wish to train at home or for departments and agencies that require a low-cost training alternative.

If you do not see the course you need  listed here, please contact us.

BSIS Powers of Arrest

BSIS and Florida Firearms

BSIS and Florida Firearms Requalification

BSIS Baton

Weapon Retention


Impact Weapons

Defensive Tactics

OCAT/Pepper Spray

Offensive Driving

Officer Safety

NRA Law Enforcement

Effective Communications

Management of Aggressive Behavior

Counterterrorism for First Responders

WMD Response and Management

Soft Target Awareness

Countersurveillance Tactics

Executive Protection

Agency/State/National Accreditation

NRA Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun

Weapons Transitioning

Distraction Devices

Edged Weapons

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